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Huba Control develops, manufactures and markets components designed exclusively for the measurement of pressure and flow. The components of Huba's pressure measurement technology include both pressure switches (on/off switching elements), sensors and pressure transmitters (sensors with built-in amplifier electronics).

With its clear focus on pressure measurement technology Huba Control is able to develop innovative products across a very broad spectrum, covering an extensive range of applications for the optimisation of machine, system and plant processes.

In principle, Huba is open to all technologies for the measurement of pressure and flow as a physical quantity, provided these show innovatory potential and offer the company opportunities to lead the way in value for money. For some fifteen years Huba has invested in a technology with opportunities: thick-film ceramic measuring cells, developed and manufactured in our Wurenlos factory.

The quality policy of Huba Control with the guiding principle
«I steadily improve and aspire to make no mistakes»
and the requirement of a punctual supplier, a careful worker and a fair customer makes great demands upon the whole team. The Huba quality management system (ISO 9001; ISO/TS 16949) ensures that products are manufactured in accordance with clearly defined procedures and processes.