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The name “Grimm EDM” is known by many of the environmental network organizations, their managers, environmental air quality consultants and dust monitoring professional worldwide. The new patented technical approach for real time particle size distribution monitoring has given not only all the PM values, but also powerful information of the particle size distribution changes. Hundreds and hundreds of EDM units are sold over the last decade to networks and industrial sites and with the Grimm EDM`s was a new way opened for during all the requirements with one single unit, in real time and with no consumables.

EDM 180 - The 19" Rack Solution

This instrument is a 19" rack solution with the capability to measure simultaneously the different PM values in realtime (intervals from 6 s up to one hour possible), and is approved in the USA by EPA and by the European EN 12341 for PM10 and EN 14907 for PM2.5.
Values for PM1 and TC (Total Counts) are also provided even though EN standards for these parameters have yet to be established.

EDM 107 + 163 and EDM 164 - The Mobile Outdoor Dust Monitors

Smallest commercially available portable dust monitoring system with internal spectrometer EDM 107 (24 x 13 x 7 cm) evaluated in Germany by UMEG in 2005. It shows three PM values in real-time and stores the data on a removable data card or directly online on a PC. The EDM 107 is inside the weather protection housing 163 for continuous outdoor measurements in the field. The EDM 164 has the dust monitor contrary to the EDM 107 + 163 as a fixed installation inside and is equipped with a large external sample pump.

EDM 365 - The Industrial Outdoor Device

This device sets a new trend: Instead of big measurement containers with cost-intensive maintenance requirements, the EDM 365 is small, stand-alone and compact while making no compromises regarding dust and meteorological demands. It can also be equipped with a semi-volatile compound sampling pipe (as shown in the picture).

EDM 465 UFP-C - The Road Traffic Monitor

This is a new development for continuous measurements of ultrafine particles (UFP) from 7 nm upwards at a high time resolution of 1 sec which reflects well the atmospheric changes to particle concentrations on road sites, etc. This sophisticated device can also be upgraded with a differential mobility analyzer (DMA) inside, giving results in counts in 42 size channels expressing the aerosol size distribution from 7 to 350 nm.

11-E - The Mini Bag Type of Handheld Spectrometer

This device is designed to work in the field. The new model 11-E features now also state-of-the-art communication and data storage ports. Data can be stored on a SD-card and/or transferred via USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and even Bluetooth. Laptops, PCs and Tablets can now wirelessly control the dust monitor.

EDM 665 - The Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer

The flagship of the GRIMM Environmental product line is the Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer monitoring system. This unique combination of optical and electrical mobility particle sizing technologies ideally supports environmental research in an extremely wide range of average particle diameters from a few nm to over 30 μm.